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name's trace, friends call me space

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I'm originally from Gun Barrel City, Texas.

It's a real place: Gun Barrel City. Come for the banjos, stay for the meth labs! "City" is in the name of the town, in what's possibly the most deceptive branding ever.

I graduated from Sam Houston State University with a BFA in Musical Theatre, where I trained while holding down three part-time jobs as an Admin Assistant, Piano Accompanist, and teacher of toddlers. College happened, and I have the student loans to prove it, wee!

After college, I grabbed my banjo and moved to Houston where for three years I was truly the luckiest little ingenue, working consistently at the Alley Theatre, Stages Repertory Theatre, Houston Grand Opera and a handful of other wonderful houses. Although I've lived in NYC longer, part of me still considers Houston home.

I moved to NYC in 2017, and shortly after was cast in my first production of "Murder For Two," which by now i've performed over 150 times. (Thanks for the insurance weeks, Joe and Kellen!)

As a result of 2020, I took a deliberate hiatus from performing to hunker down, be safe, and learn a lot about myself (Gender is so weird?) I'm happy to report that I am back in the game, having just finished another round of Murder For Two. I'm feeling stronger than ever, and ready to flex some acting muscles at full-power.

My intention stepping back into tv and theatre is to approach acting with deliberate care for myself and my audience as inclusive, queer, multi-faceted humans that don't fit neatly into one category or another. 

My purpose is to tell stories to help people feel seen and understood.

Thanks for reading. Make art with me soon.

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